My name is Max Fordyce Cameron, and I'm the founder Artwork Design House®.

On June 14, 2018, I was stuck by a vehicle while riding my motorcycle. Left for dead on the side of the road in a rural area outside of Dallas, Texas, I suffered multiple injuries and spent the better part of eight months in the hospital, fighting for my life.

On Feb. 9, 2019, I lost a long battle to infection and my right leg was amputated. I was chopped above the knee on the right side, leaving me an AKA, an acronym burnt into my memory forever.

Chopped Life®, the first brand, was born out of equal parts of GRIT and HUMOR. I refuse to quit. I refuse to be sidelined from the life I want to live. I refuse to accept any kind of reality that means that I have to settle for something less than what I believe can be accomplished... and I believe in miracles. This is called GRIT, and I've got it in spades. HUMOR is what gets me through the hard times. Yes, I call getting amputated, "Chopped". The morning of my surgery, I asked the surgeon if he would wear a flannel lumberjack shirt and use an axe to do the deed. He didn't, but it would of been awesome if he did! Some people find the use of the term “chopped” to be a bit shocking. I think it's badass and funny.

Since the creation of Chopped Life® and the fact that I spend a good 50% or more of my time in a wheelchair, I decided to create the new Adapt & Thrive® and Go Kids® brands, for the entire Adaptive and Adaptive Kids communities.

My goal for the Artwork Design House® brands, is that they become fear killers. That's right, FEAR KILLERS. Fear is a liar. Fear is crippling. Fear wants to defeat you and rob you from your potential. Fear is what keeps us from living out best lives. I want every product to symbolize to it's owner, that they have the inner strength to conquer their fears and fight for a better things to come.

NEVER QUIT! Don't let ANYTHING stop you from taking control of your life. Keep fighting as long as there's air in your lungs, a beat in your heart, and a spark in your eye.